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How Much Do Wedding Music Bands Cost?

Choosing the ideal band for your wedding can be just as important as picking the right venue, caterer and other essentials. You should consider their repertoire, experience and costs when making your decision.

Travel and rehearsal fees increase the price of a live band. Most bands quote based on arriving around 5:30 pm and leaving at midnight.


When it comes to hiring wedding musicians, you will often get what you pay for. Top tier talent demands top tier compensation, and quality musicians require good insurance policies to ensure their safety on the job.

The size of the band and the location of your event can also affect their pricing. Larger bands will need to divide their fees amongst their members, so they typically cost more than smaller groups. Similarly, a band traveling to a destination wedding may have higher travel costs than a local group would.

Additionally, some events will require a longer performance time than others, and that can add up. Ask your potential wedding music band about extra sets and whether they will incur an additional fee to cover extended performances.


Professional musicians spend years honing their craft and can command a high salary for their services. In order to create a show-stopping entertainment experience, bands invest in professional sound and lighting equipment. Those pieces of equipment take up space in their trucks and require regular maintenance to ensure it’s in good working condition for the day of your wedding.

Some bands play a variety of music genres while others specialize in certain styles like rock, jazz, country big band and latin. If you want the band to learn and perform songs that are not on their normal repertoire, expect them to charge you additional fees. Additionally, adding on extra sets or playing for your ceremony and cocktail hour can increase the overall cost of hiring the band.


For most couples, hiring a professional wedding band is all about making their once-in-a-lifetime day unforgettable. That means delivering high-quality dance music and an overall crowd-pleasing performance. However, this level of professionalism doesn’t come cheap.

On average, wedding bands perform two 1-hour sets (with breaks in between). If you want your band to play longer, most will accommodate this for a small fee.

Aside from the musicians’ fees, you’ll also need to factor in any additional costs. These can include things like lighting, projectors and additional equipment. Additionally, most bands charge for travel if they’re traveling to your wedding venue from outside their local area. This can also include airfare, gas and hotel rooms. These additional costs all add up! For the best value, choose a band that offers full-day packages.


Many wedding bands offer a number of additional services such as daytime music and DJ sets. They can also provide emcee services and sound support for special speeches and songs. If you have a specific request for a song that isn’t on their regular repertoire, they can often learn it for you at an extra charge.

Some bands also offer a more laid-back option for ceremonies and cocktail hours, such as a jazz quartet or a beach band. This can cost less than a full band and will likely run in the $200-$300 range per musician. It’s worth noting that weekend dates are generally more expensive than weekdays. This is due to higher demand and travel costs for musicians. As a result, the sooner you book, the better.


Most good bands will bring their own sound equipment with them but some may need access to your venue’s power points in order to set up. They also take breaks during the night and need to have somewhere to store their instruments and equipment during this time.

Some bands can provide additional equipment like lighting or projectors for their sets which will add to their costs. They may also charge for learning new songs for the big day or travel expenses depending on how far they have to come.

If you hire a great band that you love, it is worth remembering that they are professional musicians and deserve to be paid what they are worth. It is important to budget for this and make sure you are clear with them from the outset about what you want them to do for your wedding.

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