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My new album Elegant Peasant was released on April 5th, 2019! Reception has been amazing.  Thank you all so much.

Here is the first review “Elegant Peasant defies the laws of logic and the universe, balancing its two extremes with remarkable coherence and artistry.” – Jim Di Gioia of Dominionated.ca


The entire album is streaming and physical copies are available for pre-order here: https://westminsterpark.bandcamp.com/album/elegant-peasant


Solo Discography:


The Family Feud – Feeling Wooozy (single)
Steve Murphy – Lonesome Scrapbook (album)
Steve Murphy /w Chain Mail – I’m Looking Through You (single)
The Family Feud – Come On Now (single)
Steve Murphy – Elegant Peasant (Album)
Steve Murphy – Wash Away (Single)


LFSEverybody Wins Digital Cover

Late For Summer – Poetry
Everybody Wins (Except for the Losers) – Fiction
Words that Rhyme with Alone – Poetry
Foul Play Is Not Suspected – Fiction


Steve Murphy is a London Ontario singer, songwriter, music journalist and author.  Steve combines various guitar styles, deeply personal lyrics and intimate vocals. To quote the host of the Barber Shop Podcast: “Possessing a melancholy wistful nature, Steve Murphy writes the kind of songs that lament and linger, often touching on the nerve that is still swollen or pinched, turning the key in a lock of our own making”.

This page is going to be a repository for all my solo excursions.  In downtime from Westminster Park, I’ve released 2 books (Late For Summer, Everybody Wins (except for the losers); two solo albums: Lonesome Scrapbook & Elegant Peasant; and, been writing music reviews for www.londonfuse.ca and www.greatdarkwonder.com.

If you’ve got an album you’d like me to check out, feel free to contact me: steve[at]westminsterparkmusic.com