Lonesome Scrapbook, released on Jan 5 2018 is his first full-length solo album.

Recent Review:

Throughout the album Murphy’s deep, craggy vocals are supported by his work on nylon string guitar and piano. A mellow, melancholy affair from a thoughtful songwriter with stories to tell.

– John Sharpe, Scene Magazine Feb 2018

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Steve Murphy is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer.  He is best known as the primary recording artist and vocalist of the indie folk act Westminster Park, with whom he has recorded four albums.  Steve combines various guitar styles, deeply personal lyrics and intimate vocals. To quote one podcast host “Possessing a melancholy wistful nature, Steve Murphy writes the kind of songs that lament and linger, often touching on the nerve that is still swollen or pinched, turning the key in a lock of our own making”.

In days between his full-time job and full-time band, Steve is an avid vinyl collector and audiophile. His personal collection of albums is wide ranging and in the thousands. Lacking formal musical education, Steve has used this breadth of music as his guide and mentor.

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Email: steve@westminsterparkmusic.com