Westminster Park Bio Band Pic

Westminster Park is a multi-instrumental group lead by husband and wife Colleen and Steve Murphy.  Melissa Parrott (Drums, Flute, Harmonica, Vocals) and Steve Presant (Bass) round out the quartet.

One of London’s most prolific bands, their releases  have been ranked in London Free Press Top Ten Local albums of the year, nominated for the Polaris Prize (Longer List), CHRW Radio’s Album of the Year Award and for the Jack Richardson London Music Awards.

Influences to the “Westminster Park” sound are as diverse as the massive record collections of their members. They’ve received comparisons to The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Magnetic Fields, Leonard Cohen, Sun Kil Moon and REM, to name a few.

Each album plays like a mix-tape offering nostalgic folk songs, delicate melodies and a dash of rock and roll for good measure. The lyrics are deeply personal yet accessible: as one reviewer noted, “the listener can feel like an aural voyeur”.

The latest full length album “Fig.4: Molt, Rebirth”, released in Summer 2017 made the Polaris Prize Longer List,  the Top 200 Earshot National Charts for both July and August including #1 on CHRW in hometown London, Ontario.

Recent high profile shows include opening for The Dears and playing the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

In downtime from the group Steve Murphy has been spending time writing music reviews for www.greatdarkwonder.com and www.londonfuse.ca.

Steve has also released a solo album in 2018 called Lonesome Scrapbook; published a book of poetry called “Late for Summer” and later this year will release his first book of fiction “Everybody Wins (Except for the Losers)”.

Side projects for Steve Murphy include The Family Feud and Shattered Frames.


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