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Westminster Park is an emotionally bare, multi-instrumental group lead by husband and wife Colleen and Steve Murphy.

Named after the small neighborhood Steve spent his formative years, the songwriting duo each take lead duties singing their haunting, beautiful, delicate, lo-fi, sometimes politically-charged songs.  The deeply personal, poetic and emotive lyrics demand close attention and can leave the listener with a sense of kinship with the artists.  Passionate and empathetic people are drawn to one another and know how important it is to not feel isolated.  There are many losses, wins and wonders in the world for us to share – Colleen and Steve utilize their talents to do so.


One of London’s most diverse bands, Westminster Park’s four albums, EPs and Singles run the gamut of North American folk/pop/rock/singer/songwriter music, seamlessly switching tempo and fever from one song to the next without ever compromising the emotional impact or authenticity of the recording. 


Over the years Westminster Park have received consistently positive reviews online and in print and, ranked in London Free Press Top Ten Local albums of the year, nominated for the Polaris Prize (Longer List), CHRW Radio’s Album of the Year Award, Jack Richardson London Music Awards, and featured on CBC Newsworld. 


Westminster Park live performances are known for their intimacy, eclectic sound, original interpretations of songs from Velvet Underground to Belle & Sebastian to Fugazi and, a freewheeling assemblage of instruments and players. Quite often you’ll find them as a duo: Steve on guitar (sometimes electric, sometimes classical), Colleen playing piano, violin or cello (sometimes drums, harmonium, wine glasses or anything else she finds around the house); other times, depending on the venue there’ll be a trio or quartet with a rhythm section.


High profile shows include opening for Carmanah, The Dears, Danny Michel and, playing legendary venues The Embassy, Call The Office, Aeolian Hall in London and The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.


When not devoting time to music both Colleen and Steve have full-time day jobs to make ends meet.  Colleen Murphy is also an active member in the London community.  You’ll find her marching in the streets at protests, writing articles for her blog and www.londonfuse.ca, and working on a massive fruit and vegetable garden.  Steve Murphy spends downtime writing music reviews for  www.greatdarkwonder.com and www.londonfuse.ca. He also released two solo albums: Elegant Peasant in 2019 and Lonesome Scrapbook in 2018; published a book of poetry in 2018 called “Late for Summer” with another on the way and, his first book of fiction “Everybody Wins (Except for the Losers)” was also released to positive reviews in 2018.

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